Panasonic Swipe and Share, we will explain how does it work

In addition to its new range of connected televisions Smart Viera, Panasonic has also updated the free application Viera Remote, introducing the new function Swipe and Share. Through this new feature available only to Smart Viera televisions we can throw, literally, photos, videos and even music that we have in our smartphone or tablet directly to the TV. Here’s how it works.

The new Panasonic Swipe and Share function is included with the latest version of the Panasonic Viera Remote application and is compatible with tablets or smartphones with Android or iOS operating system. This means that we can deliver the files from an iPhone, an iPad or iPod Touch. As for Android, the Viera Remote is available from version 2.2, also known as Froyo, the popular operating system from Google.

panasonic swipe and share image 01 Panasonic Swipe and Share, we will explain how does it work

The first thing to do is download the Viera Remote application. This download is available completely free of charge, and we can complete from our tablet or smartphone by accessing the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad, or Google Play in case that our device is Android.

Once Viera Remote application installed, so just have to run it, hoped that the device to detect our Smart Viera television compatible and have ready to go. Once we have selected our Smart Viera, should access the control panel, where you can select one of five operating modes of Viera Remote: Cursor, Remote, Browser, Media and Other. If you select the Media mode, the application lets you choose between different folders, depending on the type of file you want to launch. If we want, for example, launch a photo, you will access the image folder, and select one of the photos contained in the folder. When the device will display the full screen so you just have to keep your finger pressed on it and drag the shaped icon of television that will appear at the top. Immediately, our photo appears on the TV, accompanied by soft background music. If instead of a photo, we want to launch a song or video, repeat the steps described above, but choosing the appropriate folder.

 Panasonic Swipe and Share, we will explain how does it work

Along with photos, music or videos, Swipe and Share also allows us to view web pages or online content on the television screen. To do this, should access the Browser mode of Viera Remote, where we can surf the Internet and launch the web to our TV that we are referring, in the same as we would with media files. To launch the online content will not need to have the application open, because if we are referring to a web or watching for example our pictures in Picasa, the share option will allow us to link directly to Viera Remote just like we would to share a photo on Facebook or Twitter.

In summary, the new function Swipe and Share from Panasonic Viera Remote offers a simple way to connect our smartphone or tablet with a Smart Viera television, enjoying our videos, music and photos on the television screen in the most easy.