Outlook, how to sync your Gmail with Outlook 2013

Microsoft just released the preview version of its new office platform Office 2013, designed specifically for Windows 8, but it also runs smoothly on Windows 7. The program that has received more substantial improvements is Outlook, the email client of the company. In addition to a revamped interface, much closer to the world of Windows 8, has improved the consistency of this program with different email accounts. We tell you how to synchronize Outlook 2013 with accounts on the mail service Gmail (and other accounts).

After setting up Outlook with the primary email account to add a new Gmail account should go to “File” and then in the account information screen we press on the button “Add Account”. In the next step we insert our name and input data to Gmail. Once we have introduced these data we press on the Next button and the program continues several steps to set automatic our new account. Normally the program will take between thirty seconds and a couple of minutes to set this up before.

outlook 2013 image 01 Outlook, how to sync your Gmail with Outlook 2013

Once you are done you should see the message “IMAP email account is configured correctly”. We pressed the button complete and the new account should appear to the left of the screen under the main account. The program downloads files in an orderly manner over time, so initially downloaded the oldest messages (in the case of many emails in our account may be a long time until synchronization is complete, even the point of having to wait a day).

One of the major absences of Outlook is the ability to sync Google calendar with the program. Although it is a constant in previous versions, it seemed that Microsoft was going to advance the field after including the Google Calendar Sync on Windows 8, and occurred in the time we added an account of Google to the system. There is still hope that this step is forward and we’re in a previous version of the program because it is useful to organize all appointments in our calendars from a single platform.

outlook 2013 image 02 Outlook, how to sync your Gmail with Outlook 2013

Once synchronization has been performed to see our emails just browse through the different folders on the left side of the interface (the program divides the light into three columns) and then choose from our mailings. Those who have not yet read appear with a blue stripe on the left, but we can also choose the view “unread” link on the names of the messages to go directly to those messages that interest us.

To carry out this article we have used a laptop Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G, one of the most powerful laptops on the market and has an Intel Core i7-2630QM with four processing cores and a power of 2 GHz per core. This laptop also has 16 GB of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce with 2 GB of dedicated memory.

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