Neighbor Describes \'Halloween Scene\' At Site Of Hebron Murder Suicide

HEBRON (WGME) -- Chilling new details are coming to light in what police call a murder-suicide in Hebron.

State Police say Dan Randall, a former pastor, shot and killed his daughter before killing himself, leaving spray-painted messages to his family all over the house.

CBS 13 has also learned he just got out of a substance abuse program hours earlier, and his wife was seeking a divorce.

Neighbors on Marshall Pond Road say the Randall family had just moved in a few months ago.

One neighbor described the horror he saw when he stopped by to check on the family Thursday afternoon.

Caroll Daggett has lived near this home, now a crime scene, for more than three decades.

When Anita Randall couldn't get her daughter on the phone, she asked Daggett to go check on the house.

“Walked over to the deck, looked like a Halloween scene on the porch,” Daggett said.

Daggett says the door was unlocked, he went inside, and what he saw was a chilling message from Randall to his wife.

“One of them was, ‘Anita it's all your fault,’” Daggett said.

Messages were written in spray-paint on the counter, hallway, and walls. Police say Randall spray-painted messages in five rooms.

“Kitchen door was almost shattered, and I saw writing on the counter, ‘Vow breaker,’" Daggett said.

He called 911. When police arrived, they say they found husband and father Dan Randall dead on the porch, and a shotgun nearby.

Police say they also found the body of Randall's 27-year-old daughter Claire in a bathroom. Detectives say Randall shot her several times, before he killed himself.

CBS 13 confirms that Randall, a former pastor and university chaplain in Rhode Island, just got out of an alcohol treatment facility Thursday, and police say he bought the gun the same day.

Neighbors say the Randalls had three children, and even though the family moved here from Rhode Island earlier this year, Claire made an impact.

State police are now gone from the scene but the crime tape is still up, a public reminder of what happened, and police say this investigation will continue.

Dan Randall was the pastor at the First Congregational Church in Bristol for 12 years before resigning about two years ago.

The First Congressional Church will hold a remembrance service Sunday at 4 p.m. for both Claire and Dan Randall.

The I-Team also found Randall was the pastor of a church in Saco during the early 90s.

In July 1993, according to a church newsletter, Randall's first wife, Greta, died in a fall at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth.

Greta was six months pregnant at the time, and her son died a day later.

Greta Randall was the biological mother of the Randall's two oldest daughters, including Claire.

Dan Randall was also a client of Liberty Bay Recovery Center.

“Liberty Bay staff as well as current clients that knew Dan are extremely saddened by the tragic events that took place,” said Norman Cermelj, co-owner and program director of Liberty Bay. "Words cannot express the heartache and emotionl pain that the family must be feeling at this time.”

“Our agency is committed to helping law enforcement at this time with their investigation.”

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Neighbor describes 'Halloween scene' at site of Hebron murder-suicide
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