New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

In addition to the accessories that Samsung has prepared for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 later this month of May, the company has endeavored to include exciting features. Indeed, the slogan that says reads on the website of the manufacturer by the name of the terminal is: “Design for humans”. This hints at what to expect of the new star mobile of Samsung.

00 samsung galaxy s3 functions New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

First talk for the possibility of keeping the screen always on and always showing the same brightness thanks to his new role named under the behalf of Smart Stay. This works in conjunction with the front camera, with sensor two megapixel resolution, and while the user is looking at the screen, the camera will record the presence and remain active at all times.

01 samsung galaxy s3 sbeam New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Then there is the S Beam. This new functionality stems from what Android 4.0 is known under the name of Android Beam and its primary mission is to share content. How it works? Is quite simple. S Beam of the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses two types of wireless connections: NFC (Near Field Communication) and WiFi Direct. In other words, you can pair two phones compatible with the first technology and transfer the files to the second. An example would be to transfer file with weight of 10 MB in just two seconds. Nothing to do with the times achieved with Bluetooth technology.

02 samsung galaxy s3 svoice New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Another feature that will surely draw attention to the future user who is called S-Voice. This reality will take care of all customer voice commands, you could say that is the personal assistant of the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can answer calls, write text message, set the alarm, or tell the camera to take pictures or record video. And all without touching the terminal screen. S-Voice recognizes different languages.

03 samsung galaxy s3 direct call New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Direct Call
is like have called the following function. Here comes into play the possibility that the phone call directly to contact without having to search the calendar. How it works? If the user is sending short text messages (SMS) and decides on time of written conversation call, so you only need to take the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the ear. It alone, thanks to its proximity sensors, will dial the phone number.

Here is the situation: it is good time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 in hand, but after a while it decides to leave on the table. In short, you lose sight of the terminal and it is impossible to know whether they have received calls, messages or emails. Well, Samsung Galaxy S3 will again be smart and remember the last time you were in the hands of the customer. And to warn of further developments, if any, once again takes the terminal in the hands it only advised using vibrating alert. This feature has been dubbed Smart Alert.

04 samsung galaxy s3 social tag New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

The social section is also present in the Samsung Galaxy S3. And to share photos or videos more quickly with the contacts, it is quite an achievement. This feature has been named Social Tag. The star mobile of Samsung using facial recognition, is able to tag people in photos and links to their profiles on social networks. Be taken into account that the contacts must be registered on the agenda. On the other hand, it is the function Buddy Photo Share for sharing photos with people who appear in snapshots. Thanks again to face recognition.

05 samsung galaxy s3 allshare cast play New functions of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Finally, there are functions to share audiovisual material. First is what they call as AllShare Cast which allows users to connect, without wires, the Samsung Galaxy S3 to larger screen make mirroring or doubling your smartphone screen in larger one. This is compatible with videos, photos and even video games, becoming the terminal in the latter in command.

In the second place would AllShare Cast Play function. This allows, using WiFi Direct technology or known as DLNA to access information stored on the mobile from the same WiFi network and can access it from different computers.

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